From LD40 :

I started this after half a day not knowing what to do and a full day in i realized i should have made it a Print&Play instead. Nevermind that here's the local versus, digital version of "A Hand full of Blocks" a game where you must survive longer than your opponent but each card in your hand damages you at the end of your turn !

Each turn, you may play a card from your hand then discard has much card as you want to avoid damaging yourself too much even, unless you want to keep options at your disposal...
And then there are the BLOCKS, cards that you can't discard by normal means and that will slowly hinder your way to victory if you don't take care of them fast.
Additionnaly you play with 20 cards deck and if you run out of cards you die.

This is a barebone version that still needs balancing and Deck building but at least it's somewhat playable, just grab a friend and change seats during the "Switching side" screen.

More later once i'm Awake

Game more beautiful once i have the time, P&P one day maybe...


Source 125 MB