Before you start, this is a 2-4 Player strategy game

"La Terre qu'il nous faut conquérir" is a turn-based strategy game taking place in a small planet no one claimed yet. So it is your duty to fight with other player to be the biggest empire before you run out of place.

Claim territories, Build your empire, Gather natural ressources and fight with your friend for world control !
Note : Not yet tested so it's definitely unbalanced but i think i'll update that game later when I have the time.

Controls :

Mouse for interacting with the world

Arrow key to move around the planet

While it's a Ludum Dare game, i'm happy with the result and i might try to make a better version of it in the future, as well as balance this version of the game and an AI if i have the time ;)

Install instructions

You need two players or more to play this, go gather your friends :)


Windows Compo Version 9 MB
Compo with minor fixes 9 MB
PostCompo 29 MB