BEFOREHAND : The web version is the jam version, try the post-jam for bug fixes or avoid the actions listed in the changelog below.

You are a Magical Girl going on an investigation about weird cults dedicated to worshipping otherworldly gods and now your adventures lead you to an old abandonned house.

This is my first try at making a RPG system  and a branching text so it took me some times to make it working and that's why most of the content i wanted to put was cut. Now it's more a demo of the combat system with a very small storyline.

Command :

Mostly the mouse for the interface.

left, right, up, down to move (the game might be in ZQSD, i'll change that later if it's the case)

O to invert the scroll in the combat menu if it bothers you.

Good game, and don't be scared to run, not all enemies are killable ;)

Changelog :

- Fixed a freeze when selecting change against the cultist.


MagicalMythos_PostJam_1.rar 21 MB
MagicalMythos_win 11 MB
MagicalMythos_mac 15 MB